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Power Skipping - the 5 P's

The Play: Power Skipping

The Purpose: Teach you a motor program to drive the knee and put force into the ground.

Pre-Snap Read: Make sure you are working in an area with about 10 yards of space in front of you. You should stand up straight and maintain a strong and stiff core, in order to have a good foundation from which your extremities can fire from.

Performance: The goal is to strive for height with this drill. To help achieve maximum height, focus on punching the ground with your foot by bringing your toe, knee and leg all the way up. By doing so, it will help ensure you are generating as much force as possible on the way down into the ground. Don’t forget to drive the arms while in motion.

Post Drill Analysis: Did you hear your foot making contact with the ground? Was your leg coming below, even or above your waistline?


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