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4 Ways to Develop Explosive Power in Athletes

You always want to see your athletes improving, and pushing themselves to be better. You know that in order for your athletes to be the best it takes more than just a good arm, or sharp 3-point shot.

To develop the whole athlete and set them up for success you teach them skill and technique, and along with that, you must train your athletes and work to improve their strength and overall power.

Power is the ability to recruit many motor units into movement AND to do so rapidly. This simply means that with improved power, your athlete is able to perform skills, exercises and movements with the max amount of force (or weight) in the shortest amount of time.

This is why we call it “Explosive Power” because your athlete is exerting their max force or power output in a rapid or “explosive” amount of time.

Now that you have an idea of what power is, check out our latest blog with 4 movements you can do to improve your athletes’ explosive power.

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